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First impressions are made online today and the business website serves as both the front of the shop and the counter of sales. For business, effective web design is good. Shopkeepers have always put a lot of energy into creating an attractive window display to attract the attention of the customer because if a passerby decides to look in the window they are more likely to enter the shop and make a purchase. In a similar manner, businesses need a website design combined with well-written web content that is visually intriguing. Website visitors must be able to learn about the product or service quickly and have the means to make a purchase safely, acquire additional information or contact. When potential customers arrive, they must be encouraged to extend their visit beyond the casual perspective. The product or service offered should be promoted effectively by interesting information and graphics. The number of website visitors who buy products or convert to leads is measured by success. Since a quality website can play a central role in your sales strategy, it is absolutely essential to use a professional web design and development service. The team of experienced web designers assembled by GSHOC appreciates how valuable it is to provide you with a personalized web design–making sure you get a website you love. We know how to analyze your market needs effectively and how to enlist in your service all the latest web technologies. We have the ability for both you and your customers to develop useful web design features.


Smartphones and tablets have transformed the way businesses approached marketing and enhancing customer experience. New business opportunities are created, customer interactions improved and revenue channels generated – all through mobility solutions. Our experience in building enterprise apps helps organizations build mobile applications that are robust, secure and scalable.Our mobile app development services provide enterprise businesses and funded startups a reliable, creative and technically sound choice to design, develop, test and market their mobile applications to customers world- wide.


For any marketing strategy to be highly successful, it must be built on top of a variety of digital marketing venues, all of which support one another. A solid website house and promotes your content. Killer content advocates for your company and positions you as a thought leader and an expert in your field. When you are considered to be an expert in your field, people will trust what you have to say and will be more likely to purchase the services or products you are selling. When you are ready to sell, chances are you need to have an online area your website for them to visit. And so the circle goes; a never-ending cross-promotion across all of your digital marketing pieces. Our services include web design and development, e-commerce setup and management, social media strategy, online advertising strategy and management, search engine optimization, content development.

Who we are

Niyam Consulting began as an idea founded in our minds in 2010, has come to fruition in 2017, Niyam, as its means in Sanskrit, set of rules and principles form the basis of our business.

Niyam started of with a group of 5 young, creative, enthusiastic, experienced like minds with vested interests in technology, design, Project management and everything that goes with it. Niyam now an enterprise, specializes in full range of services from Design, branding, development & marketing consultancy and allied services. Niyam consulting services, though small but is a close knitted family of 23+ teams.

Niyam is now a full service technology enablement agency specializing in the development and


Our mission is to partner with enterprises and help them accelerate in adoption of new technologies, elucidate complex issues that emerge during digital evolution and mobilize innovation. Whether a customer app or enterprise solution, NCS marshals the process from Curation to Concept to Confinement and finally providing ongoing support.

People and culture

Having teams all around the world, we share the same cultural characteristics. Honesty, transparency is what we value the most. We put our employees first and give them a sense of collectiveness and empowerment ultimately making it for a great work environment that directly benefits the company and ultimately our clients.

We abominate discrimination and inquality in all forms but promote diversity in all of its forms. We are proudly strive in making the world a better place for living using technology and creative ideas.

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    Phani Kumar
    Program head
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    Sakshi Sharma
    Project Enablement
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    Naga babu
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    Lead programmer
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    Sai Kumar
    Lead Designer
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    Lead web developer

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